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    Densha Kamo Shirenai

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    Booger humiliates herself


I just found a really old unfinished recording of me covering Densha Kamo Shirenai.

I tried to imitate the singer’s weird voice but instead I just sound like an annoying nasally dork.

Maybe I’ll re-do it (or at least do the part that I didn’t sing) another day, I lost my voice at a wedding reception party last night.


Anonymous asked:

Have you ever masturbated?

nope, not really. Never felt the urge.

I’m just gonna assume it’s the same person sending me all of these really personal asks…idk are you satisfied with my answers? now you know all about my (lack of) sexual habits and how real my eyebrows are and that I always wear underwear. congratulations I guess?


Goober doesn’t want to close his mouth.

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