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When I was in highschool my favorite animal was owls. In 9th grade this boy asked why I liked owls so much and I said I didn’t know. I drew this as an explanation and tried to give it to him the next day. He wouldn’t take the drawing.

Last summer my friend Bob recruited me to be in his independent film, Something Fishy. I played Charlotte “Charlie” Whittaker, a young mob boss of approximately ~12/13 years old who led a gang of other kids in a playground. They used me because they couldn’t really have an actual 12 year old doing the things I did in the movie. I cursed like a sailor, chugged (FAKE) whiskey, sold guns to strange men and threatened to break the detective’s kneecaps. It was really fun.

The movie isn’t completely finished yet, but hopefully it will be soon. I was just going through these awesome shots of me and I got nostalgic…

(21:08:10)   Aiichiro: my mom gave me this weird chicken with goop on it
(21:08:16) Booger-chan: ew
(21:09:17)   Aiichiro: like its asian food i suppose
(21:09:25) Booger-chan: oh
(21:09:27) Booger-chan: its not alive
(21:09:27)   Aiichiro: the chicken is ok just the goop is gross
(21:09:34) Booger-chan: I thought
(21:09:35) Booger-chan: nevermind
(21:09:36)   Aiichiro: omg

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