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Anonymous asked:

Hey booger! I'm heading of to my first year in college :D I'm super nervous and I was wondering what are all the things that you brought to college (If you lived in a dorm that is,) and also any tips for someone's freshman year.

aaa I’m sorry but I’m too poor to dorm, it’s my 3rd year of college and I’ve lived with my parents the whole time.

I’d say bring plenty of clothes and new underwear and shampoo that smells nice and a few precious items that remind you of home and something snuggly like a nice fleece blanket or a big stuffed animal. College requires snuggly stuff when stress gets high

My 7 year old niece has a new OC named Taiya Command. I am in awe. Where did she come up with that name? It sounds amazing.

Taiya Command!

She’s just a purple cat girl I guess but I wanna draw fanart of her, that name just screams “rad space captain cat girl bounty hunter pirate”. 

Im working on a dumb Touhou hangout dream on furcadia. It’s nowhere near finished. Don’t look at it.

So far you can be Marisa, Suwako, Chen, and Reimu. I plan to also add Yukari, Suika, Flandre, Reisen, Komachi, Cirno, Youmu, and Yuyuko.Marisa and Chen have really janky walk cycles that I’m trying to fix. I forget what the sprites were from, but I found a huge set of sprites of a million touhou girls that included diagonal poses, which are perfect for Furcadia’s view. I kinda wish they weren’t so small though.

If it’s not too much work I wanna make the big “statues” of the characters into extremly primitive NPC’s by having them say something when you bump into them. idk.

I can’t believe they had a gosh dang DARK CRYSTAL poster at my college’s annual poster fair. Basically the first day of school this cool dude comes and sells a bazillion cool posters so people can decorate their dorms and stuff. There’s some cool unusual stuff. I got a Modest Mouse poster my freshman year.

They had a huuuuuge version of this same one, but I just redecorated my room with new posters this week, so no room for a big one. The smaller ones are really nice thick glossy prints instead of normal posters (which I tend to rip) anyway.

ANYWAY I was so excited when I saw this, The Dark Crystal is one of my most favorite movies ever! And it’s such a pretty print!

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