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One Piece dream

I had a dream last night that my dad and my brother were watching One Piece on the couch with me. My dad and brother don’t like anime, and I’ve never seen that show.

The One Piece themesong in my dream was a piano ballad with the lyrics

"If you’re gonna be a crazy pirate like me/ You’re gonna need to have a name like Luffy”

The animation for the themesong showed Luffy making and eating pink parfaits while that blonde chef guy (or whatever he is) skewered fruits and cakes on swords, one in each hand.

When the episode started, Luffy was confronting a badguy. he was a muscular dude with long red/brown hair slicked back, no shirt, grey jeans, AND A RIDICULOUSLY BIG, SHINY, PERFECTLY SPHERICAL BULGE AT HIS CROTCH. My brother pointed it out, dad didn’t see it.

The bad guy smirks and the bulge retreats back into his body, and re-emerges on one of his arms, like it’s a bicep. Then it retreated again and bulged out of his neck, like he was a frog.

"watch this, Monkey D. Luffy. This is my ultimate technique", he said, as the bulge moved downward to the center of his chest, and split into to spherical lumps. They moved farther apart until they were each at the center of his pecs, making it look like he had comically large nipples.

"wait…something…something’s wrong! GAAAAAH" he yelled, as the lumps turned into big boobs.

"I hate anime" my dad said, and turned off the TV while my brother laughed.

And then the dream ended and I woke up.

I had a stupid breakdown while working on final projects last night and then suddenly it all fell into place and it’s going great and I’ll be finished soon ._.

Sometimes things are impossible until you scream and cry for a little while about how impossible they are. Then they suddenly become completely possible and much easier and you feel like a dorkasaurus for getting freaked out in the first place.

Or maybe this only happens to me.

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