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stuff you can win

  • a megpoid/gumi nendoroid 
  • some german candy ((or some other candy stuff))


  • only 1 winner sorry guys
  • everyone can enter i dont care if youre following me or not 
  • reblogs and likes count
  • reblog as often as you want but dont spam your followers
  • ill ship everywhere 
  • winner has to respond in 24h or ill pick someone else
  • ends october 31st  6:00pm CET

thats it have fun


hi im ken beefies and im finally doing a commissions post for tumblr

  • do’s: furries/anthros, feral animals, simple designs
  • dont’s: nsfw for the time being
  • maybe: human-esque characters
  • flats are the only available form of coloring atm since im still working with shading
  • ill do reference sheets with flat colors for $15 but it’ll probably take longer than anything above listed. if you dont have drawings of the character on hand you must be specific with details ie. species/markings/accessories/colors and you can give me facts about the character that i can list on the sheet

i am accepting paypal only! (i will ask for payment once i have a sketch of the drawing finished) you can contact me by sending me an ask/fanmail here or talking to me on skype (sierrpoob)

if you play furcadia you can whisper me on Joshy!

Tagged by gogoghostship. My desktop cycles through about 100 different touhou pictures at a rate of 1 per minute, and I was lucky enough to catch it on my favorite image of all time.


  • Take a screenshot of your desktop
  • Don’t change anything.
  • Don’t delete anything
  • Tag 5 more people

I tag capsule-corpse.

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